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Enhance your tourist and visitor experience

Whether you are a city location or an event location, tourism kiosks are a great way to engage with your visitors.

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Tourism and Information kiosks

Self Service kiosks are a great way of adding an interactive and engaging touch point for your visitors and guests. Operationally they can allow you to provide an informational and transactional service without adding additional staff and associated overheads. For the user, they provide something that is easy to use, available 24 hours a day and operates in a similar way to other technology in their lives, increasing adoption rates.

With a well thought out user interface, amazing content and relevant information, they can transform your location, drive higher footfall, add revenue and increase customer satisfaction. Talk to us today about what kind of solution works best for your project.

Use Cases

Advertise and Promote Display rotating images and videos to promote locations businesses and events. Create a new revenue stream for extra returns on investment
Wayfinding/Maps Let visitors explore the area, navigate to museums, attractions, transport links and provide a mobile hand-off for the onward journey
Payment Allow users to buy tickets, products, services through the kiosk. Use offers to encourage usage
Gamification Bring gameplay in to increase usage and tie in social media channels for greater exposure



Local Business Search

Give greater visibility for your local businesses and attractions


Digital Directory/Wayfinding

An easy to use, interactive map enhances your visitor experience


Reduce Queuing Times

A ticket booking/collection kiosk reduces queue time at your attraction.

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