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Eco 2 is an RVM (reverse vending machine) that accepts, compresses and stores, metal and aluminum cans in order to save space and make recycling more efficient.

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The ECO 2 is perfect for larger store environments, lobbies, car parks etc. The large screen lends itself well to high footfall areas.

Also, the space required for these units means that trolley access, with items ready for deposit, is very possible and very easy.

The ECO-2 would be perfect for supermarkets, high volume food and beverage outlets and car park companies looking to embrace the deposit return scheme that is gaining popularity around the world.

Our technical specialists are ready to discuss your case and find and present to you the best case and scenario in order to meet your needs!

High Performance Machine

Fast Acceptance up to 60  bottles or cans per minute.

Quick Recognition

With 360° degree sensing  field and 9900 scans per second.

Surveillance camera

The machine has surveillance cameras that monitor the environment and can deter vandals.

Anti Graffiti Coating

Machine is painted with anti-graffitti coating so any paint can be easily cleaned.

Low Maintenance cost

Easy to maintain, Quick access to main parts makes for speedier problem resolution.

Low Operational cost

Huge 49” super screen can help cover the operational costs by selling this space for adds.

HIGHER compression

We use a super compressor  that can compress to the maximum, improving capacity and durability of the unit.

Glass as Standard Feature

Our machine comes with glass module as standard. It can be used in the beginning or switched on later.

Technical Specifications

PET, CAN, GLASS Infeed Horizontal feed, up to 60 items per minute.
Packaging Type PET – up to 2 3 litres, Metal CAN – up to 1 litre, Glass bottles up to 1.5 litres
Recognition of packaging Intelligent recognition based on combination of  Barcode, QR Code Super scan and 360° rotation scan plus weight and shape sensor.
Barcode scanner All standards for Bar Codes and QR Codes.
Weight and shape Weight sensor included in order to prevent bottles with liquids in the standard specs.
Communications 4G Network Module included plus high range antenna for better reception, Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN (optional).
Storage Capacity Up to 1000 pcs 0.5L PET or up to 1600 pcs 0.33L CAN. Up to 400 glass bottles soft touch.
Power Supply External input voltage and power: 100V ~ 230V / 40W Internal Operating voltage: 12V.
Power Consumption Standby mode 60W. Operating: 90-600W while compacting the bottles.
Environment FOR OUTDOOR and INDOOR use. Standard temperature: 0 to 40°C. Relative Humidity: Max 90% – non-condensing. We have an optional module that can be added to upgrade the working temperature range from-35° to 60°C  and waterproof the machine better.
Malfunction management Warning Message on the display, system notification, email notification, other depending on requirements.
Display 49” LG LCD Touch screen with backlight and options for playing advertisements.
Printer Industry standard graphic thermo printer for text, logos and barcodes. About 1700 receipts per roll.
Screen Advertisement and Marketing options The machine is created as one big advertisement space. It comes standard with 1 x 49” display, but as an option we can integrate second, so it has more advertisement space. As well the machine has perfect surface in order to be branded with vinyl wrapping and this space could be given as advertisement for some brand or company etc. As well as the screen with videos, and printing info, promo codes, etc.
Monitoring and back-office Status of the reverse vending machine can be controleld with the remote management system that cames with it. Remote diagnostic, back up and update functions are available. 
Safety and Approvals CE approved with complience with all EU directives and guidelines. 



Why Flexible Sizes?

No two customers are the same and this is the reason that we make design and specific sizes for the customer that are fitted best for his needs and model.

This product is CE-marked in accordance with the  following directives:

EN 60335-1, EN62233, EN61000-6. Low voltage

2014/35/EU, EMC-directive (2014/30/EU) machine  directive 2006/42/EC (NS-EN ISO 12100:2010 2014/30/EU).


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