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Revolutionise your restaurant with a food and drink ordering point

With a self service kiosk in your restaurant, you can speed up the order process, present the menu in an engaging way, offer upsell opportunities easily and create more efficiency in your production and delivery services.

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Restaurant based solutions

The ability to create a digital food order and pay for it in-store has been in our lives for years now having been pioneered by some major brands.

This technology is now being adopted by other QSR's (Quick Service Restaurants), cafes and mainstream restaurants for a multitude of reasons. Stores and restaurants are now being designed with layout formats specifically incorporating self service zones for order and collection.

Taking the initiative further, adding in a warm or cold smart locker can further enhance the customer journey, reduce queuing and play to the buying behaviours of your customers.

Use Cases

Increase Orders By putting the order process in the hands of the customer, it has been proven that more orders can be taken by the restaurant without increasing overhead costs
Create Efficiency By allowing staff to concentrate on the making and delivering of orders you create efficiency in your processes and can concentrate on customer service
Run 24/7 Kiosks are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning that you can continue to take orders



Make the products stand out

When you have great quality images of your food and drinks, on a high bright screen, they appeal to the customer


Do you want fries with that?

Use your kiosk to drive more sales with product upsells and order customization


Reduce queuing time

Giving the option to self-order reduces counter queues and relieves pressure on the operation


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