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Taking payments through  a kiosk enables a greater reach

Payment kiosks are operational 24 hours a day, can save your customers time, are highly scalable and engaging for the customer to use.

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Payment Kiosks

The ability for a customer to make their own payment for your products or services is becoming more and more commonplace.

One of the first use cases for this was car park ticketing or cinema tickets, however, as the self-service revolution continues to gather pace, more businesses are embracing it.

Whether it's fast food, retail, event tickets, fine payment, or automotive, there is a solution that will work for your organisation and match the buying habits that customers are looking for.

Use Cases

Increase order capacity By streamlining the purchase process, you can increase the number of transactions made without increasing overheads
Highly customisable Make changes to your solution quickly and efficiently when new products are added, or prices change
Omni-channel Link your online presence with your bricks and mortar store with e-commerce operations



Cash or Card?

Kiosks can cater for different kinds of payments and even provide change when notes are used.


Reduce queuing

Allowing people to pay for their own goods reduces queues and is highly scalable


Consistent user experience

Provide a consistent experience for your clients across multiple locations


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