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Luggage Lockers

Save time and space in your front of house operation or provide an easy option for your staff to store their belongings with a smart luggage locker.

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Secure, stress free, storage for your customers' or staff's belongings

Luggage has often been the cause of frustration, or mess in both the hospitality industry or the office world.

We've all checked our luggage into a hotel before we get access to our room, or left it thereafter we've checked out so that we don't have to carry it around whilst we still enjoy the town or city we are visiting. We have to queue, the front of house needs to handle it, issue tickets and it takes up space in a backroom somewhere.

Likewise, we've worked in offices where staff belongings get put next to desks, coats get draped across chairs and scarves fall on the floor. If we've got some athletes in the office that have run or cycled in then we might even get to enjoy someones sweaty gear.

Luggage Locker

Smart Luggage Solutions

A smart luggage locker can be installed indoors or outdoors, a compartment can be assigned to the user and an audit is held.

This means less work for the front of house, less mess and clutter, less frustration and a cleaner, nicer environment for all involved. With the clever use of paint and vinyl designs, the locker can blend into the foyer or office or be branded to stand proud and increase engagement

Use Cases

Integrate for greater efficiency Our open API's allow for integration in to your stock/HR/Helpdesk systems for more efficient processes
Run 24/7 Kiosks are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning that you can continue to take orders
Create Efficiency By allowing staff to concentrate on the making and delivering of orders you create efficiency in your processes and can concentrate on customer service



Outdoor luggage storage

If you are a town or city then provide your tourists with storage for their luggage without increasing your overheads


Tidy offices are more productive

A tidy office helps with tidy and focused minds. Give your staff a locker to store their belongings and keep desk areas free from clutter

Steel (1)-1

Solid and strong construction

Made of high-grade steel for increased durability. The volume of usage and items being placed needs a quality build


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