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The future of customer service and engagement is now

Self service kiosks have been around for some time now with early adoptions being seen in fast food, train ticket buying, airport check-in and more. What is becoming more common is the application of that same technology in a widening base of use cases.

As younger generations drive forward consumer habits, the desire to take personal responsibility for carrying out tasks. In a recent survey within retail, over 60% of shoppers surveyed said that they want self service at the checkout with 57% of those people saying that it made their transaction quicker, and 32% saying that their main driver was queue reduction. The time to start planning how self-service fits into your customer experience strategy is now.


Things To Consider

Whatever your industry or use case there should be careful consideration of:

Hardware - What is going to work best in your environment?

Software - What user interface will work the best and what will make the customer journey the most engaging?

Data - What intelligence do you want to get from the solution? Consider usage statistics, spending and buying behaviours, savings against your old work practices and more

Change management - how do you manage the move from the way that you did it before, to how it's going to be post installation. This includes staff, customers, visitors, suppliers.


Full Service

We can help with the research, the planning, the solution decision and the rollout of your project. Once your kiosk has been rolled out, we can advise and assist on the processes for continual engagement to ensure that your investment is a successful and long term one.