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Hot and cold food lockers for your restaurant

Self Service at the order point is common, but for a real seamless, unattended user journey, you need additional collection points that are fit for purpose.

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The future of food collection?

We've seen self-service kiosks for ordering and more recently because of Covid, we've seen table ordering and table delivery. However, smart food collection is an additional solution for your restaurant that has many benefits.

The temperature-controlled compartments for both hot and cold food and drinks, deliver a solution for your restaurant that has very real, very tangible benefits.

As well as reducing queues inside, allowing table based diners a less cluttered experience and customers collecting outside, including those collecting for Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc, can pick up and go without needing to step a foot inside.


Use Cases

Multiple configurations High flexibility in compartment sized for different sized orders. Mix and match hot and cold lockers
Brandable Painted in your colours, with vinyl wraps available
Integration possibilities API's available for integration into existing Point of Sale systems plus management reporting

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