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e-bike Charging Lockers engage with your customers

Micro mobility is on the increase.  Towns and city centres are investing more and more in to cycle lanes and scooter and bike hire schemes.

The adoption of e-bikes has opened up the commuting and exercise market to a wider range of users including older generations who can now ride "assisted".

However, with these very positive steps forward, and with the high cost of e-bikes, the secure storage of property becomes important.

Our range of smart lockers, specifically designed for e-bikes (including folding), aims to address that. And with added charging capabilities, bikes will always be charged up and ready for use.

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What is an e-bike locker?

With e-bike sales topping over 3 million in 2020, a revolution is happening.

Traditional bike racks at offices, train stations and car parks have long been the place to leave your two wheeled friend whilst shopping, or at work.  However, e-bikes are more expensive, especially e-cargo bikes.

Bike theft nearly trebled in London at the start of the pandemic in 2020 and with only 1.1% of bike thieves being caught and the items returned to their owner, the need or security very high.

Smart Lockers are a perfect solution for the secure storage of bikes and the modular system can handle all sizes of bikes including folding.  

With inbuilt charging functionality, the stored bikes can plug in for a consistent charge for the onward journey.



High Performance Machine The unit is very quick to operation with high performing computers and screens.
Surveillance Camera The machine has surveillance cameras that monitor the locker and acts against vandal or intruders.
Distant Updates, Support And Monitoring

Our software system allows us to can manage and monitor the machine from distance and update the software automatically without the need of people on site.

Easy Operation

The machine is very simple to operate and is intuitive for the customers. It can operate in different languages.

Anti Graffiti Coating The locker is painted with anti-graffiti coating so any paint can be easily cleaned.
Low Maintenance Cost

Easy to maintain and there is fast access to the key parts for easy support.

24/7 Access Machine is accessible 24/7 and requires no input by staff.  
Variety Of Payment Methods There are multiple components available, including payment, lighting, scanning if required.

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