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Automate your visitor Check-in experience

Visitor management to any location is important in many ways. From healthcare to hotels and leisure to offices, the flow of people through your business needs to be easy for the visitor or guest. This experience can be made easy with a Self Service Check-In kiosk.

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Check-In Kiosks

Having a well thought out guest management system provides multiple benefits for both the visitor and your staff.

If a visit is pre-booked then all of the relevant information can be pre-loaded to save time, a register of visitors is available for fire and health and safety. Notifications can be sent to the person or team responsible for that visitor whilst they are on site.

Couple this solution with a check-out process and you have a full, end to end service for your visitors that is highly engaging. Further, enhance the experience with a luggage or parcel locker at the front of house.

Use Cases

Registration process

Allow your guests to register before or after their visit to speed up the process

Reduce queues

Use technology to speed up the check-in process and reduce queuing

Use Multimedia

Use enriching content to engage with the visitors to enhance their journey



Hotel Check-Ins

Allow your guests to check-in and check-out, including payment


Data Capture for re-marketing

Your check-in process can capture all kinds of data to understand your visitors and your operation better


Increase customer service

Free up time for your staff to provide a greater customer experience



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